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Written by Darlene Austin & Dorothy Jeffers


He’s the rock that I stand on

The place I find redemption

He heals my spirit and my soul

And heartaches I won’t mention

He’s taught me to be patient

And He loves me like I am

If anyone can do it, JESUS CAN




He sacrificed, gave his life, for the many sins of man

He’ll revive you, restore you, renew you,…recharge and redo you

So Rejoice, raise your hands,

Alleluia, JESUS CAN


He never said it would be easy

But His Word makes it clear

Believe in your convictions

Inhale faith and exhale fear

I pray He will give me strength

as I walk on shifting sands

When I think I just can’t make it, JESUS CAN


Repeat Chorus



When He comes to take me home, work on earth is done

Set me free, I wanna be, one of the chosen ones


Repeat Chorus


Copyright 2010.  Vine Creek Music (ASCAP) & Many More Music (BMI). 

All Rights Reserved.  International Copyright Secured.


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 Jesus Can


Raised on a small Kansas farm, Darlene Austin feels "Jesus Can" is a reflection of those basic beliefs instilled as a child.  By age 4, Darlene was singing at church and community events.  As she grew musically, her dynamic voice paved the road to Nashville, Tennessee and led to many years as a lead staff singer on popular shows such as the WSMV-TV Morning Show (NBC), the syndicated Nashville Network's Nashville Now Show (TNN) with legendary host Ralph Emery, WSM Radio Waking Crew and WSMV-TV Noon Show (NBC), as well as guest appearances on Hee Haw and The Grand Ole Opry.

Receiving a nomination and performance at Hollywood's Academy of Country Music Awards, two entry level Grammy nominations (Best Country Album and Album of the Year) and a European CMA nomination (Female Indie Artist of the Year)only confirms that her unique and remarkable style has universal appeal.  Darlene feels blessed with her success and many special friends.

Her experience as a staff writer for worldwide publishing companies BMG Music, Sony ATV Tree Music, and Cimarron River Songs, led Austin to form her own publishing companies, Vine Creek Music (ASCAP) and Many More Music (BMI).

During the creation of this song, Darlene felt caught up in the spirit.  She feels the words and music to "Jesus Can" came like a gift from God.  Her soulful vocal only adds a touch of gold to His glory.


Dorothy Jeffers, co-writer on "Jesus Can," is one who believes in and lives the words to this song.  Sixty-seven years ago, Dorothy was born in an orphanage in Los Angeles weighing only 2 1/2 lbs.  She was adopted by Jesse and Gretchen McKinney and raised in West Plains, Missouri and had to endure numerous surgeries on her legs while using braces and a wheelchair during her youth.  Doctors said it was a miracle she survived.

She met Dr. Keith Jeffers and had two children, Ruth and Mary, and farmed in the Ozarks.  In 1975, she and Dr. Jeffers started a mail order catalog business known as Jeffers Pet, which is a successful mail order catalog and internet supplier to this day.

Dorothy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Dr. Jeffers became terminally ill with cancer.  It is through his encouragement and loving memory that Dorothy wrote words of praise that the song "Jesus Can" was developed.  Dorothy is current owner of JeffersPet.com and also feels blessed to be a member of the Harvest Church in Dothan.  Dorothy is blessed with four grandchildren, Alex, Lili, Sidney and Michael.



Copyright 2011.  Austin Enterprises.