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        My adventure into the musical Hillbilly terrain continues.  This hickabilly brand is a different dimension of “country” for me, even though I was raised on a farm in Kansas.  We lived mostly off the land and a lot of those old country memories filtered into the writing of the music for the “Hillbilly HotSpot” theatre show. 

        When I came up with the title “Hillbilly HotSpot” the theme song fell right into place with the show concept.  Though I had never vocally ventured into singing this bluegrass style of music, I am thankful for the opportunity to experience the fun.

        The show is an entertaining and humorous combination of music and comedy.  I’m proud to have written 11 of the featured songs plus three more co-written with writers Will West, Jill King and Fred Newell.  

        The stage props, characters and the show concept and script were created by Doug Thompson, of BDS Productions, who is also producing “Hillbilly HotSpot”. The live theatre musical comedy will premiere at The Great Plains Theatre in Abilene, Kansas on September 15-24, 2017 (http://www.greatplainstheatre.com).  Click here for more details.

        Come spend some quality time with the lovable Hillbillies at the “Hillbilly HotSpot” campsite for side-splitting laughter and great music that will keep your toes tapping and your fingers snapping! It might make ya wanna get off yer high horse, kiss yer hound dog, pull up a porch step and have a laugh. 

        There will be more Hillbilly HotSpot news to follow …YEE-HAW!

        Here’s a couple of songs, which will be performed in a gospel segment in the show, “Let’s Gather Together” and “Jesus Can.”

        Let's Gather Together

        Jesus Can


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